Paid Social Media

Data Driven Social Media Marketing Agency

Many large brands are realizing that the organic reach of unpaid social media marketing channels especially Facebook continues to decrease. Hiring a social media marketing agency can have many advantages. This is why Paid Search Solution’s team is here to assist. We help our clients take advantage of one of the fastest growing spaces in digital marketing: paid social media advertising.
We like big data sets and love being able to deliver actual results for our clients. Unlike many agencies other agencies, We cut through industry hype to spend our clients’ budgets in ways that deliver measurable results. Advertising on social networks is as trackable as the rest of the digital world. Our data-driven approach will deliver consistently remarkable results that will help take your business to new levels.

Lower Marketing Costs

Advertising on social media can be much cheaper than other advertising channels. Social media has been adopted rapidly primarily because it is cheap and effective. This is one of the main reasons why 73% of small businesses are using social media marketing. It is very important to find the right social media marketing agency for your business. Our team of specialists will constantly optimize your campaigns in order to reduce your cost per acquisition.

We Can Help Your Paid Social Campaigns Generate Sales and Leads

We know that every business has different goals. We strongly believe that through using paid social advertising, our clients can achieve their goals. Some of these goals may include: brand awareness, downloads, building an email list, engagement, and online conversions. This can be accomplished by connecting with a targeted audience that is using social media networks each and everyday. We utilize many strategies that are guaranteed to make a difference in your business’ performance. With our data-driven approach and smart execution, Paid Search Solution’s campaign specialists can help your brand achieve your business goals with paid social media marketing.

Our services include the following:

  • Ad creation
  • Monthly reporting
  • Custom audience creation
  • Creative rotation
  • Auto bid optimization with customizable bid rules
  • Conversion tracking
  • Lookalike audience creation and testing
  • Remarketing


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Let us help you take your online presence to a new level using our advanced social media marketing techniques. We are committed to helping you get results you can be proud of.
  Highly Demographic Campaigns One of the advantages of using social media advertising is the scope for demographic targeting. A social media marketing agency can create a campaign on Facebook that can target an ad to males between 18 and 25 in a specific location who like technology and are interested in IT. This is just an example, but being able to target, test, and optimize different messaging for specific audiences is always important and can yield the best results. Knowing what to do with the data, however, is even more important. Our knowledgeable specialists will use their advanced paid social techniques to help take your business to the next level.