SEO Audit & Review

An SEO audit is a comprehensive website analysis which helps you assess the performance of your on-page and off-page activities. For example, a SEO audit can help you assess whether you’re earning qualified inbound links from reputable sites or optimizing your meta data in order to yield the best results possible for your site. An SEO audit ensures your site is receiving the full benefit of your link building strategy and it also helps identify any potential technical issues your site may have in the search engines. We also identify any on-page SEO issues that your site may be having.

We are proud to say that we deliver some of the best SEO audits in the industry. We look at your site to identify your specific issues and tell you the best ways for you to fix them. We avoid simply running your site through generic software and then sending you the report that it generates. Each SEO audit is personally created by our executive staff. During a website audit, we take a deep look into your website, searching for any possible issues that could be affecting your search engine rankings in a negative way.

  • Internal backlink strategy
  • External backlink strategy
  • Site content quality and strategy
  • On page SEO factors
  • Site speed
  • Duplicate content issues


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Let us help audit your website or paid search account in order to help you take your online presence to a new level. We are committed to helping you get results you can be proud of.

Paid Search Audits

When it comes to managing paid search accounts, improvements can always be made to an account. It’s always important to get a fresh new set of eyes and to try to take a look at all of the campaigns’ components in detail. The truth of the matter is that no matter how hard you work on building an account and optimizing it according to best practices, there are always errors and improvements that can be made. The longer you work in an account, the easier it is for things to slip through the cracks. In these cases, you need to take the time to audit your campaigns even if you think that you are seeing positive results.

What is an account audit?

An account audit is simply a dive into your account’s campaigns to determine areas that could be updated in order to improve performance.

Why and should you audit your paid search account & how often should you audit it?

An account should be audited regularly because you’re going to find something to help improve performance; However, it is not recommended to audit your account after a recent change in strategy or after making campaign updates, as the information could be skewed. It is necessary to audit your account if you are having performance issues, but as mentioned earlier, it is also a good idea to audit the account after the same account manager has been managing it for an extended period of time.  

Who should audit your paid search account?

If you’re auditing a specific issue in your account then you can perform the audit yourself and dig directly in to the parts of the account that are causing issues. If you are thinking of performing a more thorough audit, it is better to outsource the project in order to get fresh eyes on things. It’s very easy for an account manager to look over the “basics” and assume you have things set up correctly