SEO Strategies That Every Retailer & NYC SEO Agency Needs to Look Into In 2017

SEO Strategies That Every Retailer & NYC SEO Agency Needs to Look Into In 2017


For every business owner who is focused on making his/her business grow, optimizing your website¬†site for better ranking, like every NYC SEO agency does, should be your number one priority. 2017 has come with a new trend, which is, ranking number one on the first page; this is because just being on the first page alone isn’t going to provide you with much traffic, sales and CTR. The best thing is to be number one on the first page and here’s the reason why; In 2011, Optify conducted a research which was published by Search Engine Watch.

In this published research, there were results that showed that websites which are ranked number one got an average CTR, also known as Click through rate, of 36.4 percent, number 2 had a click through rate of 12.5 percent while number three saw a click through rate of just 9.5 percent. This research clearly shows the value of being on the topmost spot in search results. Well if you are prepared to rank your ecommerce website in 2017 and make it stay on the number one spot, you need to consider the strategies below, while still employing the services of an NYC SEO agency in order to get full implementation of these strategies and more.


Latent Semantic Indexing keywords is one of the best practices for SEO that took over 2016 and is gaining more exposure in 2017. LSI’s keywords are words or phrases that are closely related to the main phrase or keyword of your content or page. Your SEO will be improved for a lot of search terms when you add these keywords to your web pages. Always have it in mind that visitors are going to use different terms or a combination of terms in search engines but once your webpage is optimized with LSIs you will be ranked easily for closely related keywords.

If you are optimizing a coupon website for keywords, Latent Semantic Indexing keywords such as discount codes, promotion codes, deals, and discounts can be scattered all over the content talking about your coupon offers or your category description. Note that if you are having a squeeze page with no content, there’s no need to worry about LSIs, but if you are having a product description and big ecommerce stores like Amazon, then you need to consider using LSIs; search engines will love your website for this. You can also employ the services of an NYC SEO agency as we will research the proper LSI for you and ensure that your website jumps to the number one spot.


As per SERP data from SEMRush, Google tend to rank longer content better. The reason is because search engines like Google wants visitors to comprehend the value of what is on your page. Having more content on your website pages gives search engines the ability to crawl and provide better value to web users. Yes, it may seem very difficult to write a description of up to 1000 words or more for every page of your ecommerce website; do not bother yourself, just write in-depth and valuable words, probably 100, for every category and product pages.

While doing this, ensure that your main keyword appears at least three times in all of your descriptions. This will provide search engines with signals as to what the page is all about. One thing you need to avoid that a lot of retailers are guilty of, is the duplication of product description or improper writing of product descriptions. Also make sure to make proper hyperlinks to related items and internal pages.


If your business is in the coupon industry, including date modifiers (2016, 2017) on the page of each coupon will do you a lot of good. This will show the visitors who visit the page that the coupons there are fresh. It also allows search engines to move in-depth, and provide ideal search results and snippets for those who visit your website.


These are not the only SEO strategies you need to use this year in order to stay on top. But utilizing these three strategies will surely take you to the top spot. You can also employ the services of an NYC SEO agency; doing this will take you to the number one spot faster than you can imagine, what with our agency being filled SEO professionals who are efficient, proficient, and experienced. Employ our services today and experience a massive turnaround in your business.

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